Ruby 2.7.0 Allows To Call Private Methods With self

September 07, 2020

Before Ruby 2.7.0, we were able to call private attr_writer method using self but were getting an error while calling a private attr_reader method and any other private method.

Let's see an example:

class Player def initialize = "Roger Federer" puts puts end private attr_accessor :name def game "Tennis" end end # Ruby 2.6.6 #=> in `initialize': private method `name' called for #=> #<Player:0x00007fefbf8246d0 @name="Roger Federer"> (NoMethodError) # If we fix the above error, then we will get following error #=> in `initialize': private method `game' called for #=> #<Player:0x00007fd62f05f570 @name="Roger Federer"> (NoMethodError)

Before Ruby 2.7.0, the above example would throw an error to notify that we can't call private methods name and game.

However, in the above example we have called the writer method name=() using and that line of code does not throw any error.

Finally, this inconsistent behavior has been fixed in Ruby 2.7.0 and we can execute the above example without getting any error.

# Ruby 2.7.0 #=> Roger Federer #=> Tennis
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